Why choose WordPress as the control panel of your website?

By Pankaj    On April 13, 2018   

Since we incorporated Weborbit Solutions, we have been working with WordPress and in past 5 years we have developed hundreds of websites using WordPress. No doubt there are many content management systems available around the web but we choose WordPress for most of our projects. Why? Here’s top 4 reasons for that.

1. Stability and Backward Compatibility.

WordPress is very stable compared to other CMSes. Every year the server gets updated with new hardware and software versions however if you are usign WordPress you don’t have to care about those. Beside this, there’s theme compatibility. I have seen such websites or WordPress themes which have been developed in 2012 and they are still compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

2. It’s Easy to Get Updates Without Breaking Your Website.

This is the same reason why most people choose iPhones over Android phones because it’s really easy to get the updates. Whenever WordPress releases an update or security patch, it’s just couple of clicks away. In case of other CMSes mostly you have to download and then upload the files etc. which is a tidious job and can not be done by you if you don’t have sufficient technical knowledge.

3. Less Dependency on Your Developer for Updating Contents on Your Website.

Updating contents or adding new pages even adding a new menu item on the navbar is really easy on WordPress. It’s like you develop the website, pay for it one time and then you can do the maintenance by yourself. If you are familiar with Microsoft Word or any Word processing software then you are good to go with WordPress.

4. Tons of Customisations for Free.

WordPress comes with thousands of free plugins. It doesn’t matters what you want to achieve, we can develop it using WordPress. Even if there’s no plugin available for that, a good develeoper (or we) can develop a plugin for that. You need an eCommerce store, there’s a plugin (WooCommerce) for that. You need a forum within your website? There’s a plugin (BuddyPress / BBPress) for that. Even you need a support ticketing system or event scheduling / booking system there’s a plugin for that. Hence once you develop your website using WordPress you upgrade your website’s functionality to almost anything without scrapping the old website.

So this is why we prefer WordPress for most of our projects. We have built standard website, basic eCommerce website, complex shopping carts even partial social media websites using WordPress. If you have any queries please feel free to contact us.