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The term print design is nothing but a subset that is created through the graphic designs. This is nothing but a visual communication process. It is actually used to provide information to the consumers at large. In this process, it is seen that the audience is made know to the fact that our client wants to make them aware of through aesthetic designs that are actually printed on a tangible surface.

We provide our clients with different sources of print design like illustrations, brochure design and lastly designs of power point only. Now going by the term illustration in this we provide our clients with hand drew a custom illustration and after approval of the same on the thing gets printed.

The next comes the brochure design and power point design. In these case we provide customized templates based on our clients needs and the as per what they want we customize and provide it to them. In context to the brochure that we create we try to make the engaging in nature in other words we try to make them in such a way that our clients customers gets attracted to it and views the same for a quite long time and make decisions in favor of our clients. Lastly being a concern providing print design services in Kolkata it is obvious that there will be providing polished powerpoint presentations which our clients will be actually presenting.

The basic feature that we provide to our clues in the process of delivering the concept of print design are:

  • Proper and effective use of color combinations.
  • Proper uses of the images in the same context.
  • Use of a proper blending technique.

The benefits these day that are received from print design is very less in number. The main reason is that it is an old technology that was actually used days back. But then again the benefits that we provide to our clients are:

  • We give our clients both the soft and the hard copies which helps them to alter the same any time they want or in any respect they want.
  • We do not provide our clients with print designs that are actually having to much of information. This helps in creating a sense of want in the consumers of the clients to have the whole idea of the same.

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