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The biggest concern about a business in today’s world is marketing. Then again today a concern is seen to do e-marketing rather than normal marketing. Hence the concept of search engine optimization plays a very important role in this regard. Again search engine optimization is the backbone of the internet marketing. The concept not only allows your business website to rank higher in the Google searches but also helps in generating more and more tariff for the business.

We at Weborbit Solution have a very well certified team of content writers who are actually seen to follow certain steps in doing the same. The first comes to the analysis of the website they are optimizing, then a keyword research for the same is done, third comes the analysis of the competitors that are actually present in the market, fourth is the core process where the optimization is done, fifth comes the process of content creation followed the sixth as building the backlinks and the seventh as social sighs that shows the viability of the business. Lastly comes the part of monitoring where the optimization is monitored properly so that the function is seen to be the same as the clients.

The main reason that our clients get for choosing us can be easily listed down as follows:

  1. Now as we are based in Kolkata we can easily visit your office and discuss on what type of optimization you want in your website that is organic of not.
  2. We follow only ‘white hat’ procedure of optimizing a website, hence the chances of getting black listed by google is actually not at all there.
  3. The packages that we provide to our clients are very much affordable.

By choosing us it has been seen that our clients have got a number of benefits from the same. Again these benefits can be discussed as follows:

  • A complete SEO audit is obtained by the concern.
  • A very well organized keyword analysis is done by us for our clients.
  • The most difficult text distribution that is ‘anchor text distribution’ is done by us.
  • Optimization is actually done through the Google webmaster tool and hence the same is google friendly.

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