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The term CRM means customer relationship management and on the other hand, ERP means enterprise resource and planning. In the first case, it is seen that the proper followups of the consumers and their feedbacks are very well mentioned in the CRM system. But on the other hand, there is ERP, which caters to our clients business only. Now ERP helps in the concept of the business model where it is seen that the same maintains the full data of the business. In other words stocks, inventories, operations like transportation and everything is maintained in the same.

In Weborbit we are having our specialized team that helps in the process of making this CRM and ERP. As the experts are experienced in the same field as well thus making a customized CRM or an ERP is not at all a difficult task us. As a result of the same, it has been seen that our clients stay with us for a long period of time. The same is beneficial for us in meeting our daily needs and even helps our clients to earn more and more profit.

Coming to the features of an ERP and a CRM the following can be mentioned:

  1. CRM helps in being unto date with the consumers need and ERP helps in the process of fulfilling those needs.
  2. CRM helps in knowing the unsatisfied consumers and ERP lets us know why the consumer is dis satisfied.
  3. Lastly a package combining the EPR and CRM for a business costs less than buying only one of the above mentioned.

From the above it can be easily understood that our organization is provides a number of competitive edge to the clients we have. They can be discussed as follows:

  • High return on investment is received by our clients.
  • An all around development and monitoring of the clients business is thus seen from the same.
  • Lastly the softwares provide an ease of use to the client for the operations that are done in the business

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