About Us

2011 was a year worth remembering for Pankaj Biswas, a fresh out of college tech enthusiast and Shabbir Bhimani, Pankaj’s mentor & friend. That was the year they set up a company named Weborbit Solutions Private Limited. They dealt with website designing and development; initially for acquaintances. Slowly but steadily the clientele rose. Most of the projects started flowing in from abroad. Greater demands, greater rewards.

By 2013, business took off. Now they decided it was time to diversify. So, alongside web services, came in another service. Software development and minor application development on iOS. The company started to grow, both financially and employee wise.

The present day Weborbit boasts over 400 completed projects and a team of developers working hard to reach new peaks every day. The range of services have widened too. The most sought after services include,

  • Website development with all the bells and whistles.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing for a website.
  • Application development in iOS and Android (with a plan to add Windows to the list).
  • Point-of-Sale software that enables complete warehouse management as well as over the counter sales and billing for smaller businesses.
  • ERP and CRM development for bigger businesses.