About Weborbit Solutions.

The foundation of Weborbit solutions was mainly through an initiative taken by a group of enthusiast. The Premier Business Service provider is mainly catering to the IT and the branding sector. Hence Weborbit is having the basic concept to lead you digitally.

Being one of the pioneer in the industry we are providing our customers with Search Engine Optimization, Digital strategies, mobile application development, designing of a logo and even logo vectorization. But then again what we do best is website designing, where we collaborate all of the above and then provide an unforgettable service to our client.

The service is our main strength and for this reason, only we ask our clients not to give us 100% of their trust but to give us only 1% and the rest 99% we ensure them that we will earn it from them.

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At Weborbit, we take pride in Make in India project. All of our design and development is handled in Kolkata. We believe in small teams who work collaboratively with daily in-person interactions are the key to the best website, mobile app, CRM design and development processes.

Our primary goal is to deliver customers a well-designed website/ mobile application which drives more customer to their business and helps them monetise their online presence properly. Not only that, with our superior software development capabilities, we deliver the best possible CRM solutions for our customers which allows them to manage their business more efficiently and save time.

  • corporate

    Corporate Website Design

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    corporate website

    Corporate Website Design

    Companies providing web design and development services in Kolkata are numerous. But here in Weborbit Solutions we provide a corporate look to the website that we design for our clients.

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  • eCommerce

    eCommerce Websites

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    eCommerce Websites

    Weborbit Solutions is one of those e commerce website developers in Kolkata who is known to provide the customers with not only a shopping cart in their website but also provides the clients with PMS, GMS, CMS and also ACMS for their process of lead generation only.

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  • landing page

    Landing Pages

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    landing page

    Landing Pages

    Weborbit Solutions being the company providing web designing Services in Kolkata is seen to provide a well organized, precise as well as user friendly landing page to our clients so that their customers have no problem in surfing the website thus created.

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  • custom development

    Custom Web Development

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    custom development

    Custom Web Development

    We at Weborbit Solutions provide our customers with the best web development services in Kolkata in which our clients can easily customize their websites as per their choices.

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  • Web Design
    Web Design

    Making a web page is not a big deal but making it in a way that the title Best Website design Company in Kolkata is achieved is our target.

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  • Corporate Branding
    Corporate Branding & Identity

    In Weborbit we just don't create an identity for a business but what we give them is a Corporate Brand Identity which makes the concern different from its competitors.

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  • Logo Infographicss
    Logo & Infographics

    On the edge of trying to be the best concern for logo designing in Kolkata we provide every tit-bit to a logo design. From just making nominal changes in an existing logo to creating a logo from scratch is done by us.

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  • UI UX
    UI/UX Design

    In Weborbit we make the unique and the best UI designs. In simple words we make Responsive UI design which benefits our clients to the maximum.

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  • Print Design
    Print Design

    This is nothing but a subset of graphic designs. The print design service in Kolkata is a limited service and we are trying to be the pioneer in the same.

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  • Consumer Branding
    Consumer Branding

    Like each and every branding company in Kolkata we also provide our clients with a dedicated set of consumer base. These consumers are seen to be the believers of our client's brand only.

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  • Website Analysis & Improvement
    Website Analysis & Improvement

    Here in Weborbit we help in the process of analyzing a website through Web Analytics & Testing and thus suggest the clients for the respective improvements.

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  • SEO
    Search Engine Optimisation

    Just uploading a website is not a promotional activity for a business. But for a website to have its presence felt on the web SEO is required. We here in Weborbit consider ourselves to be the best SEO service provider in Kolkata.

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  • Reputation Management
    Reputation Management

    Online Reputation management nowadays has become a very important aspect of any business as it helps the consumers of our clients to have a positive note of any business.

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  • Social Media Marketing
    Social Media Marketing

    Off all the social media marketing companies in Kolkata we guarantee our clients that we will generate lead for them by the social media marketing that we will be actually providing to them.

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  • Paid Search AdWords
    Paid Search/AdWords

    Pay per click Advertising Services in recent time have given quite a number of prospective consumers to any business. Hence having the same is very much beneficial for any business.

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  • Professional Content Writing
    Professional Content Writing

    We at Weborbit Solutions have our own set of certified content writers. Hence the content provided by us is very much to the point and is eye catching in nature.

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  • Android Application
    Native Android Application Development

    With the introduction of Android in the sector of handsets it has actually become a source of information to passing leisure time and everything. Here in Weborbit, a mobile app development concern we specialize in providing customized applications to our clients.

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  • iOS Application
    Native iOS Application Development

    iPhone App development is a specialized art with android app development we also provide the same service in the platform of iOS. Reaching out to the full market segment is hence very much easy for our clients.

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  • Mobile Application
    Hybrid Mobile Application Development

    Weborbit Solutions providing the best application development services in Kolkata is seen to provide hybrid mobile applications as well. This actually shows the quality we have in our technical department.

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  • CRM
    CRM & ERP Software Development

    Service providers, providing ERP software development in Kolkata is very hard to find even today. We at Weborbit Solution provide these services and as well we give our clients CRM on demand.

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  • Web Based Booking
    Web Based Booking & Invoicing Systems

    GST accounting software in Kolkata is having a very high demand on and from the day of incorporation of GST. Hence we also provide a web booking tool with billing system having GST.

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  • Backend Solutions
    Complex High Load Backend Solutions

    Back-end Development Services are the most important services for any online program. Here in Weborbit Solutions we specializes for the same in Migrating to cloud, complex back end development and also back end refactoring.

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  • Weborbit Solutions has created and maintained several academic websites for institutions and associations with which I have been involved. They are a wonderful team, both dynamic and responsive. Their technical solutions and design expertise have been impressive. I have on more than one occasion been grateful for their professional approach to their work. I am certain they will go from strength to greater strength. I wish them all the very best.
    Prof. Samita Sen, Former VC, Diamond Harbour Women's University
  • I have been working with Pankaj & his team at Weborbit since 2010. I consider them to be an important part of my business, providing me with digital tools & platforms that assist in the marketing & generation of leads for my Australian business. I can highly recommend them for ongoing & one off work & commend them for their rapid response to tasks & quality of service & technical ability.
    Chris Plummer, SPG
  • I'm often concerned about hiring developers and designers from distant countries because of time zone and language differences. No need to worry here. Response times are fast and Pankaj is easy to communicate with. I am a customer for life!
    Neil Kristianson, Only Sky Artist, LLC
  • I have worked with Weborbit for the past two years on projects covering a redesign of our CMS website, business cards and logos. They have done a great job meeting our expectations on each project and providing the necessary expertise to ensure projects met the prescribed standards. I recommend them for your marketing projects.
    Dawn M. Thie, Director of Marketing, DataSource Mobility

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